Stephan Gaeth is an Artist Foundation Winner for choreography, a locally accomplished actor, and an award winning burlesque performer. Currently he owns and operates a multi arts studio (Wild Meadows Arts Collective) in Kempner, Tx.
I (Karen here) met him when I was adjunct faculty at Northwest Vista College (circa 2007). I was asked to choreograph a Middle Eastern dance piece for their Repertory Dance Ensemble. Stephan was a student there and a star in the ensemble. I've never taken my eyes off of him as he has continued to excel in dance here in San Antonio, throughout the state of Texas and beyond.
Stephan regularly follows us on Facebook so I reached out to him, explained Project Band, explained us (lol), and asked him to do something “expansive” and “out of the box” with us; sort of like what I asked of Z-Helene last year.  

Personally, I'm excited and scared about this. Ha ha ha ha! But just like technical drills, we need THIS! While I can see everyone's growth in the Project Band Curriculum, I can also see everyone's boundaries - including my own. Let's take a collective chance to blow something wide open! I mean, what's the worst that could happen? ;-D. 
Here is what he created for us:

"Owning MY Dance" 
Stephan will guide us through a unique mindful set of movements and fun games to unlock our creative selves and develop our flow and style; bringing elements of modern, improv, burlesque and primal dance to help unleash your personal dance expression to your fullest. 
Stephan specializes in working with adult dancers using a mix of traditional and non traditional dance/drama and arts to lead dancers into a deeper level of individual expression.

NOTE:  Project Band Elites - this is part of your package.  Anyone else - the workshop is $45.  It is open to everyone - not just those in Project Band.  

2.5 hour Improv workshop

Owning MY Dance

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