Choreography is defined as “the art of making dances, the gathering and organization of movement into order and pattern.” (

Have you ever been curious about how choreographers come up with material for their work, how they structure this material so that it all comes together and “makes sense,” and whether you could do the same? Maybe you have been choreographing for a while but are looking for fresh ideas to enhance your “standard” repertoire of moves. Or perhaps you are participating in Project Band, and you’re interested in exploring how some of the methods used to create choreography might apply to the process of producing musically relevant, exquisitely expressive improvisation that is both coherent and full of variety and interest. If so, let's talk about and try out some of the techniques and tools of "Choreo-provisation!"

In this workshop, we will discuss some of the many methods a choreographer might use to “gather and organize” movement. We’ll have a chance to try out a few techniques to create adaptable “mini choreographies” to a brief section of music. We will also discuss and explore how these techniques could be applied when moving to musical improvisation in live Arab or Western music.

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Zoom participation is available.

Thurs | april 11th | 6:00-8:00 PM


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