SATURDAY October 8, 2022
1:30pm - 3:30pm @ UTSA Conference Center
Class 2: The LIVE Drum Solo - Leila Farid with Susu Pampanin and Amina Goodyear on percussion.

LIVE Drum Solos are a wild and crazy ride!   They can be choreographed (if you know or have bribed your tabla player :-)), semi-choreographed or totall free!  They can be strong and percussive or quite and lyrical OR a lovely combination of both.  They can be fast and furious or steady and metered. 

However you approach it, a great live drum solo is a partnership between dancer and drummer.

We will explore dancer/drummer communication (both before the show and while on stage) and the art of leading and following.  We will experiment with ways to add your own style and finesse to a live drum solo in the moment!

WORLD CLASS DRUMMER SUSU PAMPANIN - accompanied by Amina Goodyear - will drum for us and give insights into what a drummer is looking or from a dancer.  

Don't miss it!