SATURDAY October 7, 2023
1:30 - 3:30  @ UTSA Buena Vista Building,  Assembly Room
"Getting Grounded"

Tamalyn Dallal and Musicians from the Lammam Ensemble

With the help of world travels: Asia, Africa, Middle East - and working extensively for many years teaching dance in China,
a theory of 6 focal points of the body became one of the most important aspects of Tamalyn's teaching:

Three points ground us and make our movements deliciously gooey.

Three help us be more lifted and expressive.

These concepts can be used with many different instruments. Each instrument draws out a different feeling that responds to a different part of the body.

When do we move?   When do we stay in place?  What is the appropriate level of tension? 

In this workshop, we will explore how to convey emotion through movement rather than movement through emotion. 

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