SATURDAY October 7, 2023
10am - 12pm @ UTSA Buena Vista Building,  Assembly Room
"Dancing to the Music (Not to the Voices in your Head)"

Sahira and musicians from the Lammam Ensemble

Does your inner monologue go into overdrive when you are asked to dance to live Arabic music? 

Do you sometimes struggle to find the rhythm or melody to dance to, or feel unsure about how to express yourself through your movement choices?

You are not alone!

In this class, you will learn how to deepen your connection to Arabic music and use it to enhance your dance performance. We will explore rhythms, melodies and countermelodies and decipher what these all mean when it comes to you and your dance.

Together we will explore how to listen to the music in a way that allows you to hone in on exactly what are you dancing to so you can make creative and musical decisions on how to interpret the music through your dance.

Through guided exercises with live music from our incredible musicians you will develop the skills to hear and express the musical nuances of the music through your body, as well as develop a more dynamic and expressive dance style.

Come ready to explore and grow your understanding of how to dance to Arabic music (and any music really!) in a way that is both musical and personally expressive.

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