June 27 2022

“I fear irrelevance more than I fear inefficiency.” – Bill Gates.
“Interesting. I'm not concerned about either.” - Me.
I think about this all of the time. The stuff I do, the games I play, the money I spend (News flash. Live music is more expensive than Spotify.), the ideas I implement – to keep me excited and inspired and also personally progressing in something I’ve been doing for 50 years!! It has to look crazy to others; because it even feels that way to me sometimes.
In spite of that, I feel confident that all of my work with Project Band and to live music doesn’t look crazy to my fellow still-dancing-veteran-dancers. They too have wrestled with the idea of why they stay in the studio or on the stage.
We still-dancing-veteran-dancers are a small number. Small enough to be irrelevant.
“Crazy” can just be what the uninformed call a risk taker.
And taking risks is, quite frankly, what life is all about.
And, more importantly, those who actually take the time to inform themselves and to understand what is really going on with all of this live music – still-dancing-veteran or not - join in, latch on, and reap the benefits.
I’m wondering if there are more of them out there; more who want to join in, latch on, and reap the benefits. And if there aren’t more of them out there and I’ve literally thought and danced myself into irrelevance, so be it.
Less dancing would mean more time for pups. 50 years has been a good run. And that’s why I fearlessly disagree with Mr. Gates.
But today, on my 60th Birthday, I’m really not ready to put it behind me! I’m ready to assume that there ARE more of THEM out there…
So here we go!!!
Let's see who THEY are!!!

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