FRIDAY October 7, 2022
3:30pm - 5:30pm @ UTSA Conference Center
Class/Lect 3: Somatic Movement Principles and Arab Instrumentation - Bahaia with Geroges Lammam on violin, Naser Musa on oud

We’re often told that Bellydance is the visual embodiment of the music, but not often presented with a clear pathway to reach that goal. In this class, you will learn to listen more closely for qualities in the music beyond just tempo and phrasing. You will be introduced to simple yet profound movement concepts that you can use right away, and at any skill level, to make your dancing more in tune to the music and ultimately more satisfying.

This class offering will introduce somatic principles of Body, Effort, Shape, and Space (BESS) as they might be applied for musical interpretation of Arab instrumentation. These principles are largely absent in Bellydance training. The goal of this class is to provide a framework for creative expression using movements that are affined to the sound qualities of each instrument using BESS. While students of Bellydance may be familiar with the instruments of the Arab world, much of the available training focuses on the tempo, the count, or the rhythmic pattern. This class is a primer of the rich and varied ways that the dancer can create harmonic expression using movements that are affined in Body, Effort, Shape, and Space.

Just as “the body and its limbs are able to execute certain dynamic nuances in movement toward certain areas in space better than toward others ”, so can be stated that certain affined qualities in movement paired with music can result in easier learning and an overall sense of satisfaction.

Students will engage in several activities, including: a warm up with introduction of BESS, embodiment of violin and oud, a cool down, and reflection. Students will be offered guided dance direction, as well as self-led exploration.