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Karavan’s Beginner classes are an introduction to the shapes, steps, body isolations and fluid, graceful arms that make up the foundations of Middle Eastern Dance. This class is the best place to start at for those needing to build a solid foundation,  for those needing to return for a thorough refresher, OR for anyone coming from another studio and wondering how Karavan technique compares to what they have done before.

Beginner classes are ongoing in nature; new students are always coming in and those becoming familair with the movement and vocabulary are moving on into intermediate and advanced classes.  

Each Group Beginner class is $12.50/hr.  Discounts are available for multiple class purchases.  Classes expire 6 months from date of purchase.

60 minutes



$56.25 (10% discount)

$106.25 (15% discount)

20 beginner classes

$200 (20% discount)

$56.25 (10% discount)

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