Pay in full - $225

With six distinct sections in just over 6 minutes, the opportunities for this music are endless!  

Cindy will be choreographing and teaching a veil entrance and the exit.  Karen has the parts in between.

The vision is for movement, staging, "traffic", and more of a group presentation than synchronized solos.  Everyone registered will learn the entire dance - but, if choosing to perform in October, not necessarily perform all sections.

Both in person and zoom participation are welcome.  Class recordings will be provided to all registrants.

If choosing to perform this dance at GoLive!, MUST be present in person for the group rehearsal on Thursday, Oct 3rd.

live music  Choreography

"We'adurt Tohgur"

Click here to hear a sample of the music as played by the Georges Lammam Ensemble.

Click here to hear the original.  (We will be using the first 6:26) 

4 payments - $62.50 each

Intermediate Level

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