Karen Barbee Adkisson began studying Belly Dance at the age of 10. Decades later and after years of professional performance, Karen has developed a teaching methodology for this dance form based on technical precision, soulful innovation, and cultural respect. Having begun her study of Belly Dance during the 1970’s, a period of limited explanations, she developed her own. With degrees in Accounting and Computer Science, Karen’s analytical tendencies, training and skills have assisted her in developing methods and curricula that are extremely popular in the western world.

Through her years of performing and teaching, she has traveled the United States, Europe, Central and South America, and Asia.

A pioneer in online Middle Eastern dance instruction, Karen has introduced and populated a library of online instruction that simulates her established studio; offering classes in dance technique, combinations, choreographies, improvisation and music studies.

Karen founded Karavan Studio in 1988 and has operated the studio in San Antonio, Texas ever since.  She has directed numerous staged productions of Middle Eastern Dance, studied and performed in Egypt and Lebanon, and continues to collaborate and work with some of the most highly acclaimed musicians in the business in an effort to provide the most inspired and comprehensive dance training to students at every level.

Since 2013, Karen's passion project has been "Project Band" - the one-of-a-kind curriculum that she developed out of her decades of experience working with live music.  

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