The stage of the Buena Vista Theater will still be set from the show the night before – which featured Michael Ibrahim and the musicians of the National Arab Orchestra.

The musicians will take the stage again to play for us – but this time with Michael starting and stopping the music to explain what we are listening to.

Join the group of dancers and Arab music enthusiasts who have already begun to reap the benefits of Michael's instruction - addressing maqam, modulation, structure, and rhythm - not just in theory - but WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF SELECT PIECES OF MUSIC.

What students have to say:
"After Michael's classes, I listened to my music again and found an entirely different level of highs, lows, and accents that I had totally missed before." - Sue, Florida

"It was challenging but in a good way. It forced me to revisit how I listen to Arabic music. Thank you!" - Leeza, Massachusett

"I appreciate the way Michael breaks down the structure of a piece of music and the way he plays different Arabic instruments in class to help interpret the modules we are discussing. It keeps the lesson interesting and engaging. I would highly recommend taking Michael’s classes to anyone interested in honing their listening skills." - Jessica, California

"Michael's unique perspective as an orchestra conductor and as a multi-instrumentalist enable him to present information in multiple formats and at varying levels of detail. I have something new to consider at the end of every class." - Lisa, Texas

SUNDAY - October 9, 2022
10am - 12pm @ Buena Vista Theater
Class 1: NAO - Understanding the Structure of Arab Music - Michael Ibrahim and the musicians of the National Arab Orchestra

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