Pay in full - $85

Starting a new school year at the end of a calendar year is always a bit tricky!  But here is a great way to do it!

A peppy, pop song by San Antonio's own Kamal Dayekh!  "Hady eydek" translates to "Give me your hand".... and the rest of the lyrics are about how "we are going to dance".  :-)

The choreography will be energetic, balanced (like the arrangement of the pop song), and really just fun!  

For locals - I propose running this (as much as we know from week to week) at our Deco gig so that we can get some practice together on this, my first ZOOM ONLY choreography!!!  

OF COURSE, classes will be recorded and provided for playback for anyone registered for the class.

This dance will be performed in our Aug 2023 showcase!

five weeks

60 minutes

Beg/Int Choreography

Haty Eydek

Click here to hear the music on youtube.

split payments - $50 each

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